Pro Flashing Torch



Pro Flashing Torch app for your device is the simplest app and very useful flashlight application. Will use device's camera flash/ LED/screen as a light of source.

It has 6 different lights and screen torch in one app.

Pro Flashing Torch App use following Sources of light:
• Flashlight - Camera LED Flashlight. It is using device's camera flashlight to emit bright light.
• Torch- LED flash(Camera Flashlight) which emits very intense light in the dark.
• Screen Light - emits light from screen and work as Torch when no Camera flashlight.
• Police Lights - It is police light and look like dancing light in device screen.
• Color Flashlight -You can change the brightness and the color of screen by one swipe.
• Traffic Lights - Enjoy traffic signal lights in your app.




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